Positive Review For Green Guru Landscaping

Here’s another positive review from one of our very lovely clients Anna Marie! Thank you very much for your business Anna Marie we greatly appreciate it! She wrote this review about Green Guru Landscaping on the Home Advisor website where you can validate her review about us. Thanks for reading!green guru landscaping review

Home Advisor Review For Green Guru Landscaping Kyle W

Green Guru Landscaping review from Home Advisor Kyle W


Here’s a new review fro Green Guru Landscaping from our great client Kyle W. on the Home Advisor website! Thank you very much for your business and your review Kyle!. Here’s a link to the Home Advisor website for the Green Guru Landscaping reviews.

New Home Advisor Review For Green Guru Landscaping Ken B

ken b

Here is a new review for Green Guru Landscaping from the Home Advisor website from one of our great clients Ken B! Click on the image above to be able to read it more clearly. Here is a link to the page where this review came from: Green Guru Landscaping Review On Home Advisor

How To Find The Positive Reviews On Yelp

Ok back again with another blog post for you… This one is going to be tutorial based to help you navigate the tendentious Yelp website. Yelp claims they have some fancy algorithm that somehow separates “not so trustworthy” reviews from “trustworthy” reviews. So let’s take a look at this…

Below is a screenshot, right off of the Yelp website, that shows one of our REAL clients leaving us a five star review but Yelp, for some reason, does not think that it is trustworthy so they bury the review at the bottom of our business page to make it hard to find plus they remove the five star rating. We helped Jerome here with his driveway getting it cleaned up for him and putting a coating on it for him and he loved it so he decided to write us this review which was totally un-solicited.



You can find these hidden reviews by scrolling down our Yelp business page and looking for some text that says “6 other reviews that are not currently recommended”. Click on that text to open up the real reviews about our company. See the screen shot below:


As a business owner dealing with Yelp what I can tell you from my experience is that in the past we were paying Yelp to advertise our website on their website. When we stopped paying them and cancelled our advertising with them, that’s when they started to allow the negative reviews stick to the top of our business page on their website and thus making it difficult to find all of the positive reviews. I find that extremely ironic. After researching this issue with Yelp I came to find out that many other businesses have an almost identical experience with Yelp and in some cases these business have taken Yelp to court over this issue. Other businesses claim that it is extortion. One thing I can tell you is that it is defamation.

One of our most recent issues of Yelp pushing a perfectly legitimate review to the bottom is our client Juno K. Here are pictures of his backyard where we installed Belgard Cambridge pavers and some synthetic turf for him:

Here is the screenshot of Junos review while it lived it’s short life at the top of our Yelp business page:


You’re a perfectly thinking intelligent human being so I let you decide on the legitimacy of Yelps business practices. All of our staff at Green Guru Landscaping strive to satisfy all of our clients and fulfill our contracts in full with our clients.

We most certainly appreciate our clients business because if wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be in business.

Give us a call today to set up your landscape consultation:


Thank you!



Yellow Pages Reviews for Green Guru Landscaping


Here is a link and a screenshot of Green Guru Landscaping reviews on Yellow Pages website:


 Green Guru Landscaping Reviews on Yellow Pages website



Video Testimonial For Green Guru Landscaping



Google Reviews For Green Guru Landscaping

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Home Advisor Reviews For Green Guru Landscaping

Home Advisor Reviews For Green Guru LandscapingHere are some reviews for Green Guru Landscaping on Home Advisor. Home Advisor is a respected and trusted source for home owners and property owners to find licensed and trusted contracting professionals to perform work on their properties. Home Advisor runs television advertisements letting the general public know who they are so you may or... Read More »

A Positive Review On Yelp Gets Buried At The Bottom

A Positive Review On Yelp Gets Buried At The Bottom  Here are some screenshots of one of our five star positive reviews from one of our clients while it was at the top of our Yelp business page. I find it very amusing that this positive review, along with the other positive reviews end up getting buried at the bottom of the page in... Read More »