Gail M leaves a positive review on Home Advisor

Here is another great review of Green Guru Landscaping left by one of our clients that we recently completed a project for! Thank you very much Gail! You are a really great client to work for! We appreciate your business!

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Here’s what Gail said:

“If you’re looking for a first-rate professional landscaping experience, look no further. The project involved filling in my pool and creating a beautiful landscape in its place. All those involved in the planning and execution were extremely helpful and available throughout the project. I highly recommend this company.”


Nancy H leaves a positive review on HomeAdvisor website


 Nancy H leaves Green Guru landscaping a positive review on the HomeAdvisor website.

Nancy says:

 “The workers, especially Billy  was the best I have working on my property, very efficient, careful,  helpful and friendly.  So happy I was contacted back from them”

 Below is a screenshot taken from the HomeAdvisor website. You can see Nancy’s review below. 

 Thank you very much for your business Nancy we greatly appreciate it! Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you! 


 You can contact us at 702-949-2988 


Jazmine M leaves a positive review for Green Guru Landscaping on Yelp!

Here is another positive review for Green Guru Landscaping that is buried at the bottom of the   Yelp website! If you scroll down to the bottom of the Yelp page and look for the gray color text that says “not recommend reviews” click on it and then all of our positive reviews will open up. These are all verified legitimate reviews from our client that we’ve done work for, Yelp just decides to put them at the bottom and make them hard to find because we don’t pay Yelp to run advertisements on their website.

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Green guru landscaping review




Five star review from Tony T on the yelp website

 Here is another five star review for Green Guru landscaping from our client Tony T! This was one of the  many five star reviews that got buried at the bottom of the yelp website where they make it difficult for you to find the five-star positive reviews about our company. 

 Below you will find a screenshot on the yelp website as well as a copy of the review from Tony T 


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5.0 star rating
Sometimes I don’t make the best financial decisions, but hiring Green Guru Landscaping was AWESOME SAUCE. When Nick came out to my house, he listened to what I wanted to do, showed me a bunch of photos, also gave me some great ideas he had. Then he went on to explain what would happen day 1, then the next few days, then the end of the 2 week project. When he went into detail…..I interrupted him and shook hands and said YOU’RE HIRED. His crew is the BOMB. Billy (the Foreman) is TOP SHELF. They both gave me their cell phone numbers so I didn’t have to call the office, then wait to hear back from them. Plus, they called me by MY NAME…..sounds trivial I know, but it sure was a good feeling. My Stamped Concrete patio, my broom finish path, and my Pony wall are fantastic. The last thing they did was add chemicals to my pool, balance the PH, and then vacuumed my pool. You’re the man Billy…..and thanx to Nicole in the office……very nice and helpful…..HIGHLY RECOMMEND Green Guru Landscaping……if you want a bridge in your backyard……THEY WILL BUILD YOU ONE…….


.5  Star review Green Guru Landscaping

Donna P Review From Home Advisor Website

Another 5 star review for Green Guru Landscaping by one of our clients Donna P. We installed premium 92 ounce synthetic turf for her in her backyard. The job came out excellent and she was very happy with the work we did for her! See the screenshot of her review below and you can verify by going to and searching Green Guru Landscaping to verify it!


Thanks for researching us!

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5.0 | 10-07-2016
Review by Donna P. in Las Vegas, NV
Project: Install Synthetic Grass for Landscaping, Putting Greens, Play Areas, etc.
The work was completed and looks wonderful. I replaced my grass with synthetic grass as my dog was not kind to the real grass. She and I love it. Crew was great.


Donna P home advisor review green guru landscaping

Gail F Leaves Review For Green Guru Landscaping

Gail F of Las Vegas leaves us a review for your review of our company on the Home Advisor website! Thank you very much Gail for your review and thank you for your business! Much appreciated!



Jesse L From Yelp Leaves Us a Great Review

Thank you very much Jesse for this positive review about Green Guru Landscaping! We thank you for calling us to be of service to you! Call us with any more of your landscaping needs!

Jesse L

Tammy F Review For Green Guru Landscaping

Tammy F Green Guru Landscaping review


Here’s another positive review from a really cool client of ours Tammy F off of the Home Advisor website! You check out her positive review of Green Guru Landscaping along with others at this link here Green Guru Landscaping on Home Advisor

Nancy C Green Guru Landscaping Review

We take our business very seriously. We do our best to offer superior customer service especially in busy times when it is most difficult. We treat our clients homes properties and yards as if it were our own. If it wasn’t for our great clients that hire us, we wouldn’t be in business and for that we are most thankful. Here’s is another review for Green Guru Landscaping.

Nancy C-Green Guru Landscaping Review

Validate this Green Guru Landscaping review here

Green Guru Landscaping Review Rosemary

Here’s a recent review of Green Guru Landscaping from one of our newly valued client Rosemary! See the screenshot and visit the Home Advisor web page to validate the legitimate review.¬†